17 / 7 / 1978  ,  Mashhad , Iran.


·         1-Diploma: Electronic Engineering, Chamran Vocational School, Mashhad, Iran, 1995

·         2-Associate: Electronic Engineering, Khorasan Higher Education Institute, Mashhad, Iran 2010

·         3-Bachelor, Control and Instrumentation, Khorasan University of Applied Science and Technology, Mashhad, Iran 2015

Professional Skills:

·         Software: Protel99, Altum , Bascom , Labview, Codevition  , CCS  , Corel, Step7(ladder)

·         Hard ware: PLC, Microcontrollers (Atmega,Xmega, PIC, ARM), Data Acquisition cards

As well as:

·         Design and analysis of analogue and digital circuits

·         Design and operation of CNC, Milling and Lathe machines

·         Fully Familiar with a wide range of Electric & Electronics components

·         Fully Familiar with a wide range of Mechanical, Pneumatics and Hydraulics components

·         Project and personnel management

Professional Workshops:

·         4-Building Electrical Installations, 250 hours, 1992

·         5-Design and Analysis of Electronic Systems, 1997

·         6-TV Repair Services, 1998

Professional Experiences:

·         Workshop officer, Barin Sanat Engineering Co., 2000 – 2004.

·         Manager of Electronic Section, Shadilon Textile Group, 2004 – 2007…..

·         Technical Manager, Ghavam Gostar Shargh Engineering Co., part time since 2005

·         Founder and Director, Taban Tarasheh Co., since 2007

·         Member of the Board of Founders and Directors, Agricultural Khobregan Payesh Co., since 2018

·         Green house Director  as well as Operator since 2016


Selected Projects:

·         7-Design and synthesis of a remote digital temperature controller for power substations. (Registered invention), 2008

·         8-Design and synthesis of a fully integrated Carding Machine for Shadilon Textile Group, (Certificated by appreciation letter)

·         9-Design and synthesis of a Language Learning Systems for High schools, (Certificated by appreciation letter)

·         10-Growing plants with artificial lights to compare the quality of Citizen LEDs with other manufacturers (Ordered by Citizen’s  Sale Representative In Iran)

·         Design and synthesis of a high security door using PLC for a refugee camp

·         Design and synthesis of an electrical carriage for agricultural purposes

·         Design and synthesis of an electrical irrigation system for agricultural purposes

·         Designing a wireless system for comprehensive control of greenhouse

·         And…

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